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Concentrates, Inc. is a Milwaukie, Oregon company that sells a wide variety of products for animal and produce production.  The company does not do online sales, and instead uses Distributors.  Abundantly Green is a Concentrates Inc. Distributor.  We provide Concentrates, Inc. products to you for the same price as you can buy them in their showroom in Oregon.  We do group buys for the Kitsap County region.  Concentrates, Inc. requires that we order a minimum of pallet of goods, or pay for shipping a pallet whether there is one bottle on it or a ton of goods.

How to do this

Below is Concentrates, Inc.'s showroom price list.  Choose the items that you want to buy and send a list of them to oThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.We will create a sales order and send to you by return email (it may take a day or so) to confirm your order. Once confirmed, we will send you an invoice. Payment must be received prior to ordering, because we pay Concentrates, Inc. when we put the order in. Orders are placed when we have about a pallet worth of goods. The goods arrive here about 7 to 10 days after the order is placed. Concentrates uses a back haul service to keep shipping costs low.

Freight charges

We have to add the shipping costs to your order.  If you want your order shipped by UPS, we can do that.  Back haul and grouping several orders together decreases the shipping costs from over several hundred dollars to under $100 per pallet.

Pick up of orders is at our farm

All products must be picked up at our farm. 

Drop Ship

If you want to order a pallet (about a ton or more) of goods, we have have it palletized for you and shipped directly to you.

Concentrates, Inc. Price List Spring 2016

Concentrates, Inc. Spring 2016 Showroom Price Sheet

  Protein N-P-K / Pkg Size Retail
"Organic AgricultureSpecialists"        
Concentrates,Inc. PriceSheet  
5505 SE International Way        
Milwaukie, OR97222        
( In the Gramark Business Park )        
  Protein N-P-K / Pkg Size Retail
Alfalfa Meal - Organic (Do Not Feed To Ruminants) 15% 2.8-.3-2.4 40# 20.33
Alfalfa 5/32" Pellets (Feed/Fert)(conv., for OG see pg 7) 15% feed 40# 14.99
Alfalfa 1/4" Pellets (Feed/Fert)(conv., for OG see pg 7) 15% feed 40# 13.95
Canola Meal (Feed & Fert grade) 38% 5-0-1 50# 19.70
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