Certified Organic Seed Potatoes


Prices are for a 50 pound bag of potato seed.

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Order Certified Organic Seed Potatoes

Certified Organic Potato Seed

No Royalty Seed Varieties are available this year. Please see the Conventional Seed Royalty Seed Varieties.

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Certified Organic Fingerlings

Varieties and Descriptions

(click on the variety for description)
Mid to long season. Purple to blue skin and flesh and keeps it color when cooked. Also called Blue Marker. This is the potato that is often commercially used for blue potato chips. Holds well. It is best steamed or boiled. It holds it shape in salads. It has definite potato flavor..

Early season.  Round to oblong shape. Light brown skin, yellow flesh. Strong producer with some scab ad disease resistance.  Excellent storage qualities, including keeping a new potato texture and moisture.  Can be prepared in many ways.

Late Season.  Long oval shape.  Red skin with cream colored flesh.  Developed in the Netherlands about 50 years ago, they are a popular potato with drought resistant qualities, moderate resistance to scab, and good storage.
Late Season. Long oblong shape.  Light brown to golden skin with deep yellow flesh, so it looks much like the Yukon Gold.  While resistant to scab and viruses and with resistance to late blight, it is susceptible to rhizoctonia. Versitile for cooking.
Mid Season.  Oblong shape that is sometimes lumpy.  Brown skin and very white flesh. Good late blight resistance.  Good under stressful condiditons,  giving high yeilds.  Good baking potato, and excellent cooked in other methods, too.
Mid to late Season. Oblong with gold skin and flesh. Resistant to scab.  Has a waxy texture that makes it hold its shape in salads and works well in all cooking methods.  It's flavor is often called a nutty potato, but we found that it simply has a strong potato flavor that is slightly sweet.
Early Season, only 70 days.  Brown skin with yellow flesh.  Round potato with "babies" underneath the main potatoes.  Because of short dormancy and fast growth, it can be double cropped, this is good for market growers.  Best boiled or steamed.
Early Season.  Oval shaped with brownish skin and golden yellow flesh.  Extremely popular in US.  Good flavor.  It stores well.  We have found that it does best in summer growing conditions, and goes to smuts in cold weather and rain.

Early to mid-Season. A golden crescent-shaped fingerling with deep yellow flesh. The waxy and firm texture is delicious for salads or roasting. This variety is almost identical to Banana Fingerlings.

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Group Buy Information (click on the topic to read)

(click on the topic to read)

The price for seed potatoes includes shipping to our farm.  Shipping is $11.00 for each 50 lb bag.

Several years ago, Marilyn of Abundantly Green organized a group buy of seed potatoes from a grower in Colorado. Kitsap County does not have a farmers’ co-op for buying large amounts of seed at a grower price. However, if we can put in one order of over 1000 lbs of seed, we can get really good prices for good seed. There are Certified Organic potatoes and Conventional potatoes. Not all varieties are available in both types.

Certified Organic by Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA)
The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is a USDA-accredited certification agency. Under the National Organic Program (NOP), products sold as organic in the United States must be certified by a USDA-NOP accredited certification agency. To learn more go to their website https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/agplants/organic.

Certified Potato Seed

This seed is certified by the Colorado Potato Certification Service to be free of disease. “Colorado Potato Certification Service maintains an extensive potato tissue culture laboratory, providing disease free plantlets to Colorado grower owned and operated tissue culture increase and greenhouse production facilities. This generates large quantities of nuclear disease free greenhouse grown minitubers for field planting. This is the basis of the limited generation system for year by year increase of seed potatoes in Colorado.” To learn more go to their website. http://potatoes.colostate.edu/potato-certification-service/.

Minimum Order

The minimum amount that you can order is a 50 pound bag of one variety. If you want smaller amounts we cannot help you. Many people arrange to share the order with others. The potatoes can also be resold.

Royalty Varieties are protected. These are owned by Colorado State University. There is a $1.00/50lb wt. royalty. These varieties should not be grown for seed.


Please pay through our website. However, you can mail a check for the full amount to us. I will email you a confirmation no matter how you pay. If you do not receive it, please email or call Abundantly Green.

The seed potatoes for our Group Buy are scheduled to arrive in early April. We will contact you by email when we know the exact date. If freezing temperatures and heavy snow continue in Colorado, the growers' shipping date may be pushed back. The Group Buy of seed potatoes is now open for 2019 Seed.

Group Buys

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