Old Spot pig

Sold Out! Pastured Pork

Custom pork is available by the half carcass. 

We have 2 halves left of this year's hogs. 

We estimate that the hanging weight (HW) of each half will be approximately 125 lbs.  The price of the half is based on this weight.  The price is $4.00 per pound HW.   You are responsible for the cost of cut and wrap.  We plan to have Sweeney's Country Style Meats, which is in Brownsville, do the cut and wrap.  You have the option of doing your own cut and wrap.  The meat will be delivered to Sweeney's on January 30th.

We require a $200 deposit, with the rest due January 30th, or when we have the hanging weight.

We naturally raise pork.  They are pasture raised, but not certified organic.  They have been fed regular hog feed. They enjoy cuttings and seconds from our vegetable garden, however pigs can't live on greens alone, and they eat lots of grain.

This is premium artisan meat. We do not feed hormones and antibiotics to our animals. They are humanely treated. We are conscientious about every point of raising the animals and slaughter. We feed them NO hormones, steroids, processed foods, or other unnatural things. They root in the market garden area cleaning up weeds, and otherwise getting messy as only pigs can in the dirt.

About Custom Meat

Custom meat is important in our area since there is not a local USDA slaughter facility.  Your deposit makes you the “owner” of the portion of the meat that you are buying.  This is processed in facilities that are inspected by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). The slaughtermen are licensed and trained to recognize problems. "The WSDA Custom Meat Program licenses persons that slaughter or process uninspected meat food animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and swine for the sole consumption of the owner."

As farmers, we do not sell any meat that would not be good to eat.  We take care to provide our customers with the food that we ourselves eat.

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