Marilyn and Cliff, who is holding Cubbette

Why We Added Produce to Our Farm

Years ago Marilyn took a farm tour of several CSA produce farms and fell in love. The scent of fresh salad mix, green beans, kohlrabi, and carrots in their fields and packing sheds quickened her pulse. It was the scent of freshly picked organic produce that she was not used to smelling even at the mainly organic cooperative stores of PCC, our local neighborhood market, or the conventional grocery stores. She had not realized that she missed that scent because it had faded away so slowly.

She was raised with big gardens and kept a small garden at our Seattle home. She knows that fruits and vegetables provide us most of our vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that make us able to digest and metabolize our food properly, feel energetic, and resist disease. Whole fresh fruits and vegetables that are hours not days old, handpicked, and grown for quality not shipping is what we provide.

Produce became a passion and we started turning pasture into row crop gardens. The first two years we sold at the Silverdale Farmers Market and the Poulsbo Farmers Market. It was Poulsbo’s first year. We decided to become Certified Organic because using the prohibited materials did not appeal to us and we decided that being certified by the USDA National Organic Program through the WSDA told people what our values are and how we live those values.

We intend our garden to be your Kitchen Garden. To this end, we grow a wide variety of vegetables all year round. Over the course of the year we will plant dozens of varieties. These are spread over all twelve months. Our mild maritime weather helps with growing many popular varieties, but it also means that we grow all short and medium season crops.

Our passion for certified organic, Kitsap grown vegetables made us want to eat these great foods year round. We built a high tunnel and six hoop houses so that we can do that, and our Year Round CSA started since we can grow all year round, giving us a jump on spring and summer. We winter-over some crops, but how well they do depends on how cold the winter gets.

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