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Monday, April 21, 2014

Goats Milk and Cheese are back

FARM SAG_Pix/LoneRockDairyMilk.jpgTORE TUESDAY 2 P.M. TO 7 P.M.
At the farm store you will find lots of great produce.
Eggs, duck and chicken, Milk—cow and goat, Gouda and Pepperjack Cheese, Green onions, Kale, Red Russian, Mixed Greens, Mustard Greens, Raab, Turnips, Culinary herb, chocolate mint, Chicken, frozen
and 100% certified organic, Pork, naturally raised and finished here by Willow Bridge Farm, Lamb, naturally raised by Willow Bridge Farm (limited supply), Coffee, Stedman's Honey, and more.

We have goats milk again and cheese from Lone Rock Dairy. It is in very limited supply.  We ask that people who want to buy it sign up.  We have a few quarts of milk for sale, but in the future we ask that you sign up.  If you want more than a few ounces of cheese, please sign up for that, too.  We require pre-payment for the goats milk and cheese before we order it. We will have a few packages of the cheese every week. 


Ducklings came up to the barn following a chicken this morning. She probably went broody and sat on a nest of duck eggs. They are now in a brooder box. The chicken had the demeanor of "I don't know why these things are following me!" The ducklings are safely in a brooder, now. 

2:45 pm pdt

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Farm Store Tuesday 2 pm to 7 pm. and CSA pickup week

Farm Store Tuesday 2 pm to 7 pm. We have chicken and duck eggs, broccoli raab, spinach, radishes, green onions, kale, mixed greens, mixed salad greens, and much much more grown on our Kitsap farm. The frozen meat we have is lamb, pork, and certified organic chicken. We raised the chicken, and helped Willow Bridge Farm with the Pork. The lamb comes from Willow Bridge Farm.


2:34 pm pdt

Saturday, April 12, 2014



 Our farm store is open until 4 p.m.  Jane is there for  you.  It's bright and sunny, and the pear, plum, and cherry trees began blossoming over the past few days.  The apples have not started yet.  We have more produce, eggs, and chicken.  remember that if you buy 6 chickens you save about 5% per pound.




11:54 am pdt

Sunday, April 6, 2014

We're planting.  The rain, over 11 inches I am told since March 1, isn't helping us get into the garden, but where we can, planting is happening.  In the High Tunnel and the Hoop Houses, lots of things are happening.  Some are great, like the amazing radishes that are developing. Other things are sad, like the turnips bolting before growing the turnip root.  Those will be torn out and salad mix transplanted, as well as more radishes and green onions, and other tasty delights.  Spinach will also go in where the turnips come out.  

The garlic is gone.  The onions are gone.  We soon will be needing volunteers to help plant this year's onions, sunchokes, garlic greens, and potatoes.  The potato seed ships on Monday.   We have some Ozettes that need to be in the ground, too.

Saturday, we had a great day at the Poulsbo Farmers Market, and people came out the our Farm Store, too.  It's fun to come out and see the chickens, ducks, and geese.  The cattle made an appearance across the fields, and of course the dogs barked and the cats tried to take all the petting they could.

The forecast is for warm weather starting on Monday.  If you feel like getting your hands in the Earth, let us know.  There are always veggie rewards involved.

8:29 am pdt

Monday, March 31, 2014


OH MY, everything is looking so good.  This is a CSA week. Here is what is in tomorrow’s CSA Full Shares.
Garlic 4 bulbs
Green onions 4 bunches
Kale, Red Russian 1 lb
Mustard Greens 1 lb
Radishes 4 bunches
Culinary herb, chocolate mint 4 bunches
Culinary herb, cilantro 4 bunches

You can do the math on the the Half (Small) and Quarter (Mini) shares.

Our Tuesday Farmstore. Lots of good food including garlic, onions, kale, garlic, mustard greens, 5 color silverbeet, raab, chicken eggs, duck eggs, chicken, pork, honey, coffee, and probably more.

Winter is really over.  The ducks and the chickens are laying.  We have lots of eggs.  You will not be disappointed (unless some buys many many dozen).

AG_Pix/pfm_logo_4color.jpgThe Poulsbo Farmers Market starts this Saturday.

It runs an hour longer, from 9am to 2pm starting this Saturday, April 5th.  They promise that year's market is going to be the best yet!  Be there at 9 am for the opening ceremonies.  

OUR FARM STORE GOES ON!  We thought long and hard about whether to keep our Saturday Farm Store open, and we decided to do both.  Lots of folks who come on Saturday are from the south of us say they won't drive to Poulsbo.  Our good friend and long-time CSA member Jane will be womanning the store.  Marilyn will be there, too.

6:41 pm pdt

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